To begin, Please watch our video tutorial. We strongly recommend watching this video entirely because in the past this video has assisted many customers. 

The video tutorial is located at the bottom of this page or by clicking this link:

After watching the video, if you are still experiencing issues please follow the next steps;

  1. Delete app. 
  2. Press and hold the device reset button for 8 seconds and wait a couple minutes for the device to reboot. (ensure the device is plugged in while resetting it and setting it up)
  3. If you do not see the WIFI network on your smartphone, try turning the smartphone WIFI settings off and on. If this does not wok reset the device once again. 
  4. Download the app "LookCam" from the app store. Then connect to the device WIFI and open the app. The camera will be added automatically.
  5. If the camera does not show "connected" , close and then reboot the app. 

Given the information, every difficulty that could possibly be encountered is covered in either the video or the steps. Please read the instructions carefully and watch the video entirely through. 

We hope you enjoy your device and obtain a higher sense of assurance and safety.