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iCharge™ Anywhere 

Having an Apple Watch on the wrist which can quickly access almost any information feels pretty nice. It's just not the same when your battery is dying out too fast... It's very annoying when you keep looking at the battery while trying to make a plan on when to get home to charge the baby watch.

Our team at YBD is always offering our loyal customers the best, most convenient, and helpful products from the entire market. Many of us are always on the go or some are interested in outdoor activities but it's really annoying when you cannot take full advantage of your Apple Watch at work, on a trip, vacation or on a long day just because of the battery.

Introducing iCharge™. The portable keychain charger approved by Apple for your Apple Watch. Built with the mission that we will never need to take care of the watch battery ever again. iCharge™ has a magnetic wireless charging pad and gives your Apple Watch up to 2 full charges, depending on your series version, thanks to its built-in 950mAh battery.

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iCharge™ On The Go !


  • CONVENIENCE: Forget about those days with low battery or Power Reserve mode activated. Charge your Apple Watch anywhere, at any time, and during any activity;
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Beautiful minimalist design made for both normal and active people. Fits in your pocket or you can clip it to your backpack;
  • COMPATIBILITY: Built for almost any Apple Watch Series. Designed to charge your watch efficient, safe, and with just the right power output;
  • EFFECTIVENESS: Thanks to its 950mAh built-in battery, you can get your Apple Watch up to 2 full charges, depending on your series model;
  • ESSENTIAL: iCharge™ is something just perfect for any Apple Watch owner. Being a must-have device, you will love its simplicity and convenience by taking it almost anywhere with you.

Taking advantage of this device you can now charge your Apple Watch effortlessly anywhere, at any time, and during any outdoor activity that you can imagine. Designed for the normal people as long as for the very active ones, iCharge™ has a sleek design but it's also coming with a keychain for more convenient use.

iCharge™ weights only 0.20 pounds (93g), has a minimal design, comes with a simple instruction manual and can be charged with the USB Cable included in the package. Hold the button only 3 seconds to power on and off. The 4 blue lights will tell you the status of the battery inside iCharge™.


    Please note: iCharge™ supports only iWatch 2016 and above. Compatible with any model between 38mm - 44mm size.

    • Compatible with Series 1: Apple Watch, Sport, Edition;
    • Compatible with Series 2: Apple Watch, Nike+, Hermès, Edition;
    • Compatible with Series 3: Apple Watch, Nike+, Hermès, Edition;
    • Compatible with Series 4: Apple Watch, Nike+, Hermès, Edition;
    • Compatible with Series 5: Apple Watch, Nike+, Hermès, Edition;

    (Note: For Series 5 the iCharge™ will be able to ensure a single charge because the Apple Watch 5 Series has a bigger battery. Series 1,2,3,4 will gain up to 2 full charges.)

    For any questions feel free to contact our support team at info@structuredshop.com.



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