HD GS5 Smart Discreet Camera Glasses

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1080P HD GS5 Smart Discreet Camera Glasses

Stay Secure the Smart Way

The GS5 Video Camera Glasses looks like a normal pair of eyeglasses concealing a camera and mic inside the frame. The lens is located behind a small unnoticeable pinhole in the center of the glasses. The GS5 video recording captures video in 1080p HD resolution with audio capable of recording faces, locations, and other important details.

The GS5 video recording eyeglasses are the ideal all-in-one solution for any covert operation or project. The glasses power on and start recording with a single tap on the right arm. No awkward fumbling for a switch or clicking a noticeable button, the control on the right arm of the glasses is touch-sensitive.


We’re proud to present the most covert video recording glasses ever sold. 

What Solution Will It Help Solve?


Simple Finger Tap Recording
Start recording instantly with a simple finger tap of the sensor on the glasses' arm. Never have to frantically start looking for the recording button in public while missing the crucial video evidence needed. With the simply tap the arm sensor to start or stop recording and turn on and off the glasses.

HD 1080p Video Recording with Sound
The GS5 video glasses feature a high-quality color HD sensor that will record faces, along with important details from impressive distances.  The video is ideal for sharing with friends on Facebook and easily uploaded to YouTube. A built-in high-quality microphone is strategically located at the bottom of the frame making extraneous noises caused by wind and rain no longer an issue.

Video Stabilization
The glasses are equipped with a digital video stabilizer which reduces jitters and shakiness caused by walking, running and other high motion movements. The video glasses are also equipped with a high ISO implementation that reduces blurring when going from a well-lit area to a low-lit area by analyzing high-speed lighting and automatic histogram data that increases low tone detail and preserves high tones.

Inconspicuous Pinhole Camera Lens
The GS5 video-recording glasses have a built-in pinhole camera lens in the center of the camera that's almost unnoticeable.  Even Though the lens is tiny the glasses still record a wide 90-degree field of view capturing both front and peripheral vision.

Suggested Use

  • Record Altercations for Evidence or Proof
  • Secret Shopping
  • Private Eye Covert Missions
  • Recording Concerts or Events
  • Recording Lectures and Classrooms
  • Harassment Evidence

    The GS5 camera eyeglasses are comfortable, easy to use, and inconspicuous. A sleek and simple frame doesn’t draw attention to itself. A perfect solution for anything from recording natural home videos to gathering evidence by private eyes and law enforcement.

    The GS5 video glasses come with memory, available in 16, or 32GB, and a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to 70 minutes and is charged from a secret removable arm. The frames come with a pair of clear plastic safety lenses with no magnification.

    Main Features

    • 1920 x 1080p HD Lens with Built-In Mic
    • Start Recording Instantly with a Simple Tap
    • Touch operation Turn on for easy control
    • Virtually Unnoticeable Pinhole Camera Lens
    • 120 Degree Wide Angle Field of View
    • Sleek Durable Frame Never Draws Unnecessary Attention
    • Electronic Video Stabilization
    • Built-In Durable Memory
    • Records up to 16 minutes per 1GB
    • Stores 16 Hours of Video on 32GB

     Time & Date Stamp
    Date and time are optionally displayed in the corner of your video for your personal reference.  

    Up to 32GB of Memory
    The MicroSD Card is included in up to three sizes, 8, 16, or 32GB of memory to store up to 16 hours of video. Memory cards can be easily swapped out. Erasing older files and recording new files is easy with any PC or Mac so you never have to worry about your memory is full.

    Compatible with both Mac and PC
    The GS5 is compatible with Windows 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and more, both 32 bit and 64 bit, and all versions of Mac OS X Systems. To get the video you want to play, the process is as simple as plugging the glasses into the USB port of your PC or Mac, which automatically opens the device and displays the video files.

    Packing Includes:

    • 1* Glasses
    • 2* Battery
    • 1* USB Cable
    • 1* Charger
    • 1* Glasses Cloth
    • 1* User Manual

    Note: The product uses looping video (automatically segmented for 3 minutes) to update and replace old video data. Please save the video data of the product to avoid losing important data.


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